Sound Insulation

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General Information

Creating Silence and Comfort is only possible using the correct type of materials in the correct place. Other than that, it is extremely important to balance each sound source and sound path.

Overseeing one sound path | source can have a serious impact on the noise levels you would like to achieve.


The selection of correct type of Innovative Insulation Materials (I.I.M) is the final step to achieve our noise and vibration targets. The most important step, prior to selecting the I.I.M, is reduce the noise and vibration levels at the main sound sources and ship structure itself.

Silent Line Engineering Department is using computer simulation models in order to determine the amount of energy (structure- borne noise) at the ship structure in each cabin | room. This energy defined as Lv in dB is frequency related.
This means that, by applying insulation materials | sound deadening and void we reduce and isolate radiated structure- borne noise. As Silent Line we do not random select insulation materials however we do this based on Engineering (Computer Simulation). See image below:

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