Silent Line is working closely together with Pyrotek for many years already mainly providing noise and vibration related studies for the Marine sector however in 2022 we extended our cooperation for the Turkish market related to the Industrial sector. Pyrotek offers a wide range of engineering-based products as shown below. Upon request of the client Silent Line offers in addition onsite supervision | consultancy and trouble shooting.

Safety is an important topic in the Global Industrial Segment. Silent Line, based on many years of experience, offers various services and innovative products in order to become your partner related to safety and noise and vibration control.
Silent Line is using the latest Computer Simulation Models for noise and vibration control for structures and rotating machinery.

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Elastic mounting systems for rotating Machinery:

Silent Line offers various types of anti-vibration mounts for fans, electromotors, pumps etc. Pending on the weight, size and number of resolutions of each unit we select the best solution (mount) for each application.

Sound shields (canopies) for generator sets:

Silent Line supplies engineering based custom build sound shields for generator sets or any other sound source that requires a sound reducing solution. The transmission loss value of our sound shields starts at 25 dB however if required we can go up to 35 dB noise reduction. The sound shields, upon request, are provided with high volume anti-vibration mounts (rubber or steel) in order to ensure low vibration levels at the foundation.