Silent Line is an Innovative Leading Company offering the latest engineering based solutions and products for the Global Marine Segment. For each segment (Yachting | Cruise and Ferries | Commercial Vessels | Navy) it is extremely important for us to enter into your project at the Design stage.
At this stage we look into the best and most practical solutions to achieve the required noise and vibration targets.

Silent Line Provides
Innovative Tailor Made Customer Oriented Services


Over the years that Silent Line is active in the field of noise and vibration control we developed an innovative engineering-based Comfort Plus Packages (C.P.P) for both series and custom build Yachts. A wide range of materials can be found in the headgroups pointed out on the right.


Stay tuned with Silent Line related to the latest news and updates in the field of noise and vibration control engineering | products and results for the Marine sector.


Silence and Comfort by means of Innovative Solutions and Engineering.