Supervision and Training during the entire building stage is essential in order to achieve low noise and vibration levels.

Installing insulation materials | cabin surroundings as box-in-box construction | machinery | AC systems and much more not making any “failure” is hard to accomplish. But at the end of the day this makes the difference between a success or a failure.

Providing comprehensive noise and vibration related engineering reports and drawings does not mean that noise and vibration targets will be achieved!

The core of Silent Line is to achieve goals (low noise and vibration levels) others are not able to do. The key to do this is, becoming a part of the team and transfer knowledge and experience during the building stage based on supervision and training.

Silent Line 2006: Burger Boat T.S.M.Y “MIRGAB V”

In 2006 we had the honor (thanks to David Ross and the complete team of Burger Boat) to measure the stunning results on noise and vibration control onboard MIRGAB V.

Silent Line performed all required noise and vibration studies along with supervision and training during the entire building stage. At this time, and she still is, one of THE QUIETEST Yachts in this size on the market.

MIRGAB V also has the distinction of being one of the quietest yachts ever built with readings as low as 28 db(A). To achieve these incredible noise levels, special attention was given to the insulation package and to the installation details of the interior and mechanical systems

Similar results, even better achieving 25 dB(A) at anchor condition, is achieved in 2021 onboard Numarine 37XP-05 project as shown above.

Achieving low noise and vibration levels means pay attention to each and every detail related to insulation, floating floor constructions, partition walls as box-in-box construction, avoiding sound leakages and direct contact with the ship structure, HVAC systems, main and secondary machinery and much more.

It is our opinion that this kind of knowledge cannot be expected from sub-contractors installing the materials and systems. This knowledge and experience has to come from you noise and vibration expert!

Silent Line is the only company in the world that offers guaranteed low noise and vibration levels in which supervision and training during the entire building stage is THE KEY to achieve this goal.


Silent Line is an Innovative Leading Company offering the latest engineering based solutions and products for the Global Marine Segment. For each segment (Yachting | Cruise and Ferries | Commercial Vessels | Navy) it is extremely important for us to enter into your project at the Design stage.
At this stage we look into the best and most practical solutions to achieve the required noise and vibration targets.