Sjaak van Cappellen founded Silent Line in 2001 however his experience in the field of noise and vibration control goes back to the early 1980 working together with his father Willem van Cappellen. The vision of Silent Line is to offer our clients the latest innovative solutions related to noise and vibration control while our mission is to build up a long-term relationship with our clients worldwide.

Over the years Silent Line received multiple International Awards for her involvement achieving the lowest noise and vibration levels ever achieved onboard a luxury Yacht. The first record was set many years ago onboard MIRGAB V build by Burger Boat Company in 2006 achieving 29 dB(A) at anchor condition, in the Guest areas forward of the Engine Room, with the generator set running and AC operational. A stunning record at that time.

Even better results are achieved nowadays achieving 26 dB(A) in similar conditions and noise levels in the range of 40 dB(A) while cruising. These noise levels are similar to walking in a forest at nighttime and a quiet library while cruising. These results are achieved onboard Yachts below 40 meter in length, imagine what we can do onboard your Yacht above 50 meters…… Silent Line | Enter into our world of Silence and Comfort.