Silent Line is an expert in analyzing and solving noise and vibration problems onboard existing Yachts. Most common problems are:

  • Noisy air conditioning
  • Noisy generator sets
  • Annoying vibrations
  • Acoustic privacy problems (cabin-to-cabin noise)
  • Noisy secondary machinery and stabilizers
  • Noisy hydraulic systems
  • More

Silent Line Approach:

Upon request we will visit your Yacht and look into the problem using state of the art noise and vibration analyzing equipment. Data will be analyzed, and proper solutions will be offered by means of a comprehensive report.

Silent Line other than engineering offers engineering-based products and systems to make sure that your problem will be solved. Our comprehensive report contains the cause of the problem(s), the solution(s) and outcome after modification.

To be sure that all modifications are carried out correctly and in accordance with our report, we will visit the Yachts during this process to assist the Yard and answer any question they may have. Based on many years of experience and projects we may state that we guarantee the outcome.

Recent Project (2017): Sanlorenzo SL78

Upon request of the Owner we looked into the noise levels in the Master Stateroom forward of the engine room onboard Sanlorenzo SL78.

We updated the elastic mounting system of the generator sets, added sound deadening materials at the stabilizers, improved the flooring in the Master Stateroom including engine room bulkhead insulation ending up with 35 dB(A) at anchor condition.


Silent Line is an Innovative Leading Company offering the latest engineering based solutions and products for the Global Marine Segment. For each segment (Yachting | Cruise and Ferries | Commercial Vessels | Navy) it is extremely important for us to enter into your project at the Design stage.
At this stage we look into the best and most practical solutions to achieve the required noise and vibration targets.