Noise and Vibration Control is an important topic on board nowadays build Yachts. Not only Mega Yachts but also series build motor and sailing Yachts.

Silent Line with over 35 years of experience in the field of noise and vibration control is looking forward to assisting you and answer any question you may have for the project you are planning to build or purchase.


In case you are dealing with annoying noise and or vibration problems on board your Yacht please do not hesitate to contact us. Over the years Silent Line solved many noise and vibration problems on board Luxury Yachts.

Pending on the problem we perform a survey, analyze the data and prepare a comprehensive report on how to solve the problem with GUARANTEED results.


Silent Line is an Innovative Leading Company offering the latest engineering based solutions and products for the Global Marine Segment. For each segment (Yachting | Cruise and Ferries | Commercial Vessels | Navy) it is extremely important for us to enter into your project at the Design stage.
At this stage we look into the best and most practical solutions to achieve the required noise and vibration targets.