In this chapter we like to highlight two (2) products which are very important related to accommodation areas “box-in-box” construction.


SLP-MER is an elastomer strip(s) used for floating floor applications. Floating floor is the BASE for box-in-box construction and the KEY to achieve low noise and vibration levels.

The concept of a floating floor, as shown above, is creating a floor gridwork (L-profiles) and the elastomer strips (green) are glued on top of the L-profiles. The floor panels (SLP-PANEL) are installed on top of the elastomer strips. This is the concept of a floating floor.

The correct type of elastomer is pending on the size of the gridwork | static and dynamic load on top of the floor and the main disturbing frequencies.

The natural frequency of the floor must be calculated at all times (both static and dynamic) in order to avoid vibration problems | resonance.



In the concept of a box-in-box construction all partition walls, hull and bulkhead liners must be installed on top of the floating floor. The liners and partition walls must be completely disconnected from the ship structure at all times.

In order to create “stability” within the cabin surroundings we create a gridwork at the upper part of the liners and partition walls. This gridwork is flexible mounted unto the deck structure using the SLP-CEILING MOUNTS.

The number of mounts per square meter is pending on the weight of the ceiling including decoration.