Comfort Class Levels:

Pending on the Classification, Comfort Class Levels are published however do they reflect reality?

In most cases they can be improved for your Yacht (see our services DESIGN STAGE).

Noise Control related studies:

Noise related engineering studies are required in order to achieve low noise levels in accommodation areas. Other than that, it is extremely important to “balance the sound sources | sound paths” such as:

  • Noise emitted by main diesel engines
  • Noise emitted by gearboxes
  • Noise emitted by generator sets
  • Noise emitted by propulsion propellers 
  • Noise emitted by secondary machinery
  • Noise emitted by HVAC systems
  • Noise emitted by water flow noise
  • Cabin-to-Cabin noise
  • More

As the overall noise level [dB(A)] is the sum of all above mentioned sources they must be “balanced” not to exceed the target. Silent Line, based on more than 35 years of experience in the field of noise and vibration control, is able to perform these studies achieving stunning low noise levels at anchor and transit condition.