Achieving such low noise and vibration levels, pushing the boundaries, means that we must start our studies in a very early stage knowing the Design Stage.

In most cases this is not common, as the shipyard(s) approaches the noise consultant after the contract has been signed and the built will start. This means that the noise and vibration levels are agreed upon with the client and in most cases based on results achieved on previous similar projects.

Silent Line has the name and reputation to achieve very low noise and vibration levels similar to what we must achieve onboard the brand-new full aluminium 160’ T.S.M.Y. project.

Noise related engineering studies in the Design Stage:

The outcome of the above-mentioned studies is useful for the Designers (weight and space requirements) and for the client knowing what can be achieved onboard his Yacht from noise and vibration point of view (other than what has been achieved onboard “similar” other projects) and for the shipyard having all this information including estimated material cost.


Silent Line is an Innovative Leading Company offering the latest engineering based solutions and products for the Global Marine Segment. For each segment (Yachting | Cruise and Ferries | Commercial Vessels | Navy) it is extremely important for us to enter into your project at the Design stage.
At this stage we look into the best and most practical solutions to achieve the required noise and vibration targets.