Silent Line is an expert in analyzing and solving noise and vibration problems onboard existing Yachts. Most common problems are:
  • Noisy air conditioning
  • Noisy generator sets
  • Annoying vibrations
  • Acoustic privacy problems (cabin-to-cabin noise)
  • Noisy secondary machinery and stabilizers
  • Noisy hydraulic systems
  • More

For each problem we do have a solution and guaranteed outcome that your problem will be solved.

Silent Line Approach:

Recent Project (2017):

Upon request of the Owner we looked into the noise levels in the Master Stateroom forward of the engine room onboard SanLorenzo SL78.

We updated the elastic mounting system of the generator sets, added sound deadening materials at the stabilizers, improved the flooring in the Master Stateroom including engine room bulkhead insulation ending up with 35 dB(A) at anchor condition.