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Silent Line in close consultation with Getzner and Pyrotek is offering Innovative Engineering based products and solutions. This can be either for offices in which Silence and Comfort is important to increase the efficiency of the employees or at Luxury apartments in which neighbors can disturb your privacy or rotating machinery such as generator sets, pumps, air conditioning etc.


1. Noise reflection | echo:

This is related to the reverberation time in a room | area in which the solution can be offered by means of adding sound absorbing materials. Click here for more information

2. Annoying noise from neighbors:

This is related to poor insulation values of construction materials used in the building industry. This can be either airborne noise transmission (room to room noise) or footstep noise. Room to room noise can be solved using sound insulation materials and footstep noise can be solved using a floating floor system or carpet underlay. Click here for more information

3. Noise from rotating machinery or pipes:

Noise from rotating machinery such as pumps, generator sets etc. can be solved by adding proper vibration isolators. The same for pipes we use vibration isolators and pipe insulation. Click here for more information