S-Line Comfort Plus Package (C.P.P)

Many Yachts, even nowadays in the range up to 80 feet, are noisy during transit and anchor condition. Over the years Silent Line assisted many Yacht Owner’s solving their annoying unnecessary noise | vibration problems.

Recently (2017) we assisted a Yacht Owner having problems sleeping at night having his stateroom forward of the engine room in which he had to deal with 53 dB(A) mainly emitted by the generator set. This is by far too high even on a Yacht in this size. We installed the S-Line (C.P.P) and ended up with 35 dB(A) emitted by both generator set running | AC operational and zero speed stabilizers.

Scope of Supply S-Line C.P.P:

High Volume generator set mounts:
The generator set is a serious sound source at anchor condition, not only air- borne noise but also structure- borne noise. How to solve this:
In the range from 9 kW and up the S-Line C.P.P contains high volume mounts (Marine approved) creating a double elastic mounting system without adding mass. These mounts are installed underneath the base (mostly wooden) plate of the generator set. The outcome is 10 dB(A) less noise in cabins adjacent to the engine room.
Engine Room Insulation Package:

Most of the engine rooms have limited insulation meaning foam and perforated plate. Foam is a nice and well-known product however the insulation value is zero (0).

This means it does not reduce noise from one room to the other room. Foam only absorbs the noise (reduce the noise inside the engine room) in case the foam is not covered with aluminium foil. This however is the case onboard many Yachts.

This means that absorption of the foam (covered with aluminium foil) also becomes zero (0).
What should be used:
In average the noise level inside the engine room with the generator set running is approx. 75 dB(A), with the main diesel engines running we end up with approx.
105 dB(A). It is important to keep the noise inside the engine room as much as possible and for that reason the S-Line C.P.P engine room insulation package contains:

  • Closed RAL painted aluminium sandwich panels :
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  • Sandwich Foam – Mass Layer – Foam layer :
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The overall space required in order to install the S-Line C.P.P is 75 mm (void included) however if the space is available we prefer (by increasing the void) 100 mm space. The S-Line C.P.P must be installed at:

  • Forward engine room bulkhead
  • Overhead inside the engine room
  • Hull sides
  • Aft engine room bulkhead

Numarine 26XP with S-Line C.P.P

Engine anti- vibration mounts:
Max. 1000kg - 6mm - 6.5Hz
Max. 1000kg - 6mm - 6.5Hz
Max. 1000kg - 6mm - 6.5Hz
Max. 1000kg - 6mm - 6.5Hz
In most cases, onboard Yachts up to 80 feet, the main diesel engine and gearbox are flanged. The drive train (in most cases) does not contain a flexible coupling and thrust bearing. In case of a Volvo Penta I.P.S system it is more easy but still proper soft anti- vibration mounts are recommended capable of absorbing the trust.
Pending on the type of engine, output in kW and rpm and the gearbox ratio we will select the best anti- vibration mounts suitable for your Yacht. Upon request (recommended) if the space is available we offer the below shown highly flexible coupling with trust block.
How to order the S-Line Comfort Plus Package:
If you like to Enjoy your Yacht in Silence and Comfort, please complete the below “form” and we will prepare a tailor-made quotation for your Yacht. The S-Line C.P.P is engineering based that means that detailed installation drawings and manuals are included in the S-Line C.P.P.
Upon request we are also able to install the complete package for you onboard your Yacht.

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