Flexible Couplings

These forces must be absorbed by means of:
1) Very stiff elastic mounting system, no thrust bearing or flexible coupling
2) Semi-elastic mounting system and free-standing gearbox
3) Highly flexible coupling with thrust bearing


While at transit the drive train (engine and gearbox) along with the propulsion propeller produce thrust (forces) in order to set the Yacht in motion.

The above shown images indicates (left) a highly flexible coupling with a trust bearing to absorb the thrust emitted by the propulsion propellers along with (right) high volume soft elastic mounting system in order to achieve very low structure- borne noise levels at the ship foundation underneath the elastic mounting system.

The above shown Innovative Engineering based solution creates a smooth drive especially at idle and maneuvering speeds.

Very often annoying vibrations can be noticed onboard Yachts equipped with stiff elastic mounting system. This problem can be solved by adding the highly flexible coupling with thrust bearing and high-volume soft elastic mounting systems.

This option is also offered for smaller Yachts.
It is important that each drive train is studied by means of six-degrees of freedom calculations which shown the six natural frequencies of the mass elastic system (engine | gearbox versus the mounts) and the most important disturbing frequencies emitted by the engine and propeller shaft in order to avoid serious vibration problems.

Silent Line has the experience and know-how to carry out these analyses and supply you the best tailor-made Innovative Engineering based solution.

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