Exhaust noise

Undampened exhaust noise caused by a marine diesel engine can be very loud as shown below.
In most cases the exhaust outlet is under water with a by-pass above waterline. In this case we can choose for having a dry exhaust system or wet exhaust system.
The above shown Compact Silencer has a transmission loss (TL) up to 45 dB and can be installed above the main diesel engines. This silencer (muffler) offers comfortable noise levels on the outer deck areas while at transit.

For the bigger Yachts (Super Yachts) the exhaust system can go all the way up and comes out in the stack and mast.

This system is “more complex” as we are dealing with noise as well as comfort related to smell and soot caused by the exhaust gasses. The below shown image is a combination of silencer(s) and soot burner(s).

In both cases a) below waterline or b) up in the mast, back pressure calculations must be carried out in order to avoid engine problems.

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