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Sjaak van Cappellen, three times International Award Winner for the quietest Yachts ever build in the world, started in early 1980 together with his father Willem van Cappellen. In those years up to 2001 we worked on many well-known Yachts together with well-known Shipyards and Designers.

Starting Silent Line in 2001 we looked in detail how to improve ourselves and offer more Innovative Engineering based solutions for the Global Yachting Industry with guaranteed low noise and vibration levels.

Silent Line is the only company in the world that offers guaranteed low noise and vibration levels in accordance with or even lower than comfort class 1.

Series Build Yachts:

Silent Line introduced the S-Line Comfort Plus Package for series build Yachts. This package contains engineering-based products and systems offering Silence and Comfort for the nowadays Yacht Owners.

The S-Line Comfort Plus Package (C.P.P) is a great success and used onboard Numarine Yachts, Zeelander Yachts, VanDutch and more.

Custom Build Yachts:

Over the years Silent Line (Sjaak van Cappellen) had the pleasure working with most well-known Shipyards and Designers offering innovative tailor-made solutions related to noise and vibration control.

So far, we received three (3) International Awards for the quietest Yachts ever build. Entering in the Design stage we offer the clients guaranteed low noise and vibration levels in accordance with Comfort Class 1.