Thermal (anti-condensation) Insulation

Aluminium and steel structures require thermal treatment in order to avoid condensation problems when the vessel is in
cold areas.

Basically, we have two (2) options (as shown below):

1) Apply a spray-on anti-condensation coating
2) Apply a final layer of Stone-wool or similar with reinforced aluminium finishing

Spray-on coating

In most cases we prefer to use this option (SLP-THERM X9). Using this product means that we can use additional structural insulation materials with an acoustic open finishing instead of aluminium foil.

Especially onboard Yachts > 30 meter the surface area of the ship structure (hull | deck | bulkheads) over the opportunity to create a sufficient amount of absorption in the void (cavity) between the structure and the liner | ceiling. This means that we reduce the air- borne noise levels within the void area and therefor also the noise levels inside the accommodation areas.

In case we use constrained layer sound deadening (SLP-COMP) against the structure we have to make sure that we do not end up with problems! SLP-COMP and SLP-THERM X9 do match perfectly together and we can apply (spray) the coating on top of the constrained layer sound deadening.

Reinforced Alu. Foil Finishing

In case cost is an important element within the project this option is recommended. This means however that we eliminate the absorption and we “increase” the noise level in the void (cavity) due to reflection of the aluminium foil.
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