Important sound sources

Main Engines / Generator


  • Engine room insulation package
  • Proper elastic mounting systems
  • Quiet Engine Room ventilation system with Temperature | Pressure control (T.P)



  • Proper propeller design and low pressure fluctuation levels
  • Sound deadening
  • Avoid cavitation



  • Frequency controlled FCU
  • Low speeds at air intake and outlet
  • Labyrinth systems
  • Sound absorbing materials



  • Sandwich sound deadening at bottom plating
  • Heavy mass at shine
  • Single sound deadening at hull sides
  • Sound absorption

GUARANTEED low noise and vibration levels


Engineering based anti- noise and vibration packages

Series build Yachts

It is our pleasure to look into your project, what has been done so far, or from scratch in order to achieve
Silence and Comfort in accordance with the Owner’s requirements.

What do we offer...

  • Survey including noise and vibration measurements
  • Detailed analysis report what can be improved and what can you expect as improved noise and vibration levels
  • Comfort and Performance package which contains:
    • S-Line (Comfort) Engine room insulation package
    • S-Line (Comfort) Engine room ventilation system based on TP Technology
    • S-Line (Comfort) Lightweight sound deadening system in accommodation areas
    • S-Line (Comfort) Anti-vibration mounting system
    • S-Line (Comfort) Exhaust systems
    • S-Line (Comfort) AC systems with frequency controller technology
    • S-Line (Performance) propulsion propellers
    • More
  • Onsite Supervision and Training during installation
  • Survey and noise and vibration report after modifications
Detailed information related to our S-Line Products and Services

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